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The Calming Conflict course, developed over 20+ years by Colleen Law is designed to enable you and your colleagues to more effectively de-escalate stressful situations, and develop the interpersonal skills to remain confident and calm under pressure.

Colleen Law

Calming Conflict’s Colleen Law has 20+ years experience in high-pressure emergency departments, observing and interacting with all types of behaviour in stressful situations. She has been training colleagues in recognising and managing potentially abusive and aggressive behaviour for more than eight years. 

Based in Nelson, Colleen’s de-escalation techniques and interpersonal training are used widely in a number of high- pressure and stressful work environments. After interest in Colleen’s training grew within various workplaces, the Calming Conflict course was developed and tailored for effective development of interpersonal skills and de-escalation techniques across numerous customer business sectors.

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