Interpersonal Skills & De-Escalation Training


Sometimes, even with the best intentions, communication can be misunderstood. This can often lead to unpleasant and potentially abusive or aggressive encounters. Developed from over 20 years within a high-pressure working environment, and background of de-escalation training, Calming Conflict teaches you and your colleagues the necessary skills to identify, manage, and de-escalate these situations.


De-Escalation Training

The Calming Conflict course provides you with training in managing and de-escalating stressful situations, enabling you to effectively and successfully identify, manage, and de-escalate unpleasant behaviour. You’ll learn a number of techniques including scenarios based on your own workplace setting to identify confrontational body language, and aggressive behaviour that will enable to interact calmly under pressure.

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Interpersonal Skills

The course will introduce you to a number of techniques to build your interpersonal skills, raise self-awareness, and develop confidence in stressful situations. The course will leave you with a better understanding of your own thinking and its effect on your workplace communication, enabling you to confidently de-escalate stressful situations.

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Expert Guidance

Calming Conflict’s Colleen Law has 20+ years experience in high-pressure emergency departments, observing and interacting with all types of behaviour in stressful situations. She has been training colleagues in recognising and managing potentially abusive and aggressive behaviour for more than eight years.

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For Individuals, Teams, and Businesses

Calming Conflict’s interpersonal skills training and de-escalation techniques are tailored to suit you or your business. We have training for individuals and groups. In order to maintain the greatest participation, groups numbers range from 4 to 16. Calming Conflict can design a course to suit you and your needs.


I believe the details, tips and education will be very useful for my daily work as a nurse and helpful in daily life also. Appreciated very clear plan for de-escalation and tips on prevention.”

— Leah W


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